Apple Deleting Any Mention Of Consumer Reports Findings From Support Forum Threads?

It would appear that Apple is unhappy with yesterday’s bad news from Consumer Reports over the iPhone 4. Hmm, or maybe it just looks that way due to a goofy software glitch. At any rate, CNET is reporting that the company’s forum moderators are deleting any mention of Consumer Reports’ findings that the antenna issue is an inherent design flaw, and not just a software issue. But maybe that’s for CR’s own benefit as well, since CNET says many of the posts were from iPhone 4 fans who were “vehemently” defending the phone.

“Apple defensive over Consumer Reports findings, deletes forum threads” [CNET]


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  1. JollyJumjuck says:

    Methinks Steve “Dear Leader” Jobs is taking a page from North Korea’s books…

  2. KyleOrton says:

    Apple is sooo the new Toyota.

    • Hardwired says:

      At least Toyota recalled and attempted to fix their cars. Apple would NEVER recall their precious iPhone and admit there is a problem. Plus, this fix would mean it would have to go through the FCC for approval again, which takes time. NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN.

      • Real Cheese Flavor says:

        Apple denying that there’s a problem with their hardware and blaming the user while removing any proof the the contrary is SOP. Eventually they’ll admit something’s wrong and fix it though.

        Remember the stained Macbook palmrests? Or the melting Magsafe adapters? Or the flaky temperature sensor (or whatever it was) that caused Macbooks to spontaneously power off?

        • Keavy_Rain says:

          Methinks this will be like the G3 issues, where they solved it by discontinuing that line and rushing out the G4 models.

          Expect iPhone 5 in January, if not sooner.

  3. lemortede says:

    Apple could save this if they would just fess up to the issue and correct it.
    They wont, Steve’s ego is too big.

    • TailsToo says:

      There is no correcting it – it’s redesigning the phone. They really should just give away the bumpers. That solves the problem.

    • Hardwired says:

      Well, the problem is bigger than that. IF Apple changes the design of the ant. it has to go through FCC approval again, which takes time. Therein lies the problem. So the answer for Steve now, is buy a bumper from us! I really hate that guy…

    • Griking says:

      What’s Apple’s motivation to fix it? People will still flock like sheep to purchase the iPhone 5 when it eventually comes out.

  4. Tim says:

    It’s probably because Consumer Reports (and all of Consumers Union) strictly prohibits commercial use of its information, including ratings, reports, etc. Apple discussions are on a commercial site, so it probably qualifies as commercial use to CR.

    Of course, this policy violates copyright and fair use laws and is only used to scare people into taking down every mention of CR and CU. But that’s not the point, is it.

  5. tedyc03 says:

    This would be news if Apple was deleting this off OTHER people’s forums.

    Their server, their content, their call.

    • MMD says:

      Ok…but also their reputation. Deleting any discussion of the problem is just going to anger people more…it’s not going to make any problems go away.

      • Applekid ┬──┬ ノ( ã‚œ-゜ノ) says:

        It’s really weird, though, when Apple makes obviously customer-hostile moves and yet they still have quarter over quarter growth and loyalty. It really is like a cult. It’s scary.

        Although, I must admit, if I had a following that was so loyal it would stick around no matter what I did, I would probably abuse the hell out of it, too.

        • tsukiotoshi says:

          Some of us do jump ship, however. I used to be a hardcore Apple fan but I’m increasingly displeased with them. I won’t buy another Mac and when my contract is up I’m getting rid of my iphone. I do love the OS but I haven’t loved the hardware since the iBook clamshells of yore. My very first computer! Man I love that laptop. I still have it and use it as a word processor just for fun. It can’t connect to the internet anymore but it still runs beautifully. Every macbook or the like I’ve had since has died after about 3 years in some fashion. Also, I have to buy new batteries once a year and I try really hard to do everything they say, like only letting the battery run down before plugging in, etc.

    • backinpgh says:

      Just because they are allowed to do so doesn’t make it right.

    • c!tizen says:

      I think China said the same thing to Google.

    • diasdiem says:

      A place where you only allow complementary things to be said about your company isn’t a forum. It’s ad space.

    • dolemite says:

      Think different!

  6. nodaybuttoday says:

    PCMag reported this as well. According to them: “As of last night, at least six threads mentioning the report have been pulled—and, fittingly, cached on Bing.” and “Attempting to access the threads on Apple’s sites will bring up the message, “Error: you do not have permission to view the requested forum or category.” ”

    Instead of wasting time on controlling bad press, maybe they should just… oh I don’t know… fix the problem?

    • Robofish says:

      They will never admit it was a design flaw

    • aaron8301 says:

      Indeed, pulling something like this is pretty much pointless, as sites like Google and Bing cache it, and I’m sure someone either saved the webpage or took a screen capture.

      Apparently Steve isn’t familiar with the Streisand Effect.

      • nbs2 says:

        The result is the same, but I wouldn’t call this the Streisand Effect. They aren’t clamoring for CR to withdraw or hide their findings, but are exerting control where they have full authority to do so. It’s some sort of corollary – the Jobs Effect, if you will.

        • Conformist138 says:

          The Streisand Effect does require an outside party. The idea, for the internet noobs, being to keep attention away by loudly pointing out the exact ways to provide the unwanted attention. This leads to all the attention the complainant worried about in a nice ironic finish. In this case, it was almost the reverse. They quietly removed things that you would expect to see and didn’t think anyone would notice. It’s got the same result as the Streisand Effect, but requires a nearly opposite approach.

          Yes, The Jobs Effect seems like a good one. Quietly removing obvious information that everyone is aware of in an attempt to make us not notice that it should be there in the first place. Steve and Babs, I now pronounce you united in unholy idiocy.

  7. c!tizen says:

    :- |

  8. jvanbrecht says:

    This is nothing new, Apple has a history of removing forum threads for pretty much anything that shows any of their products in a bad light.

    The cult of Apple can get out of hand sometimes..

    And no, I am not a hater, I happen to have a 3g, wife has a 3g and now 4, as well as a number of other mac products. (mine however has been jailbroken for ever)

  9. BrooklynKnight says:

    Ya know. I got the 3G knowing i’d skip the 3GS. I really want the Iphone 4 but all these issues are giving me major pause and I’m wondering if maybe I should just hold out for the Iphone 5 next year. It’s just phone calls be damned I want all the OTHER features of the phone. Gah! I’m so conflicted.

    • upsidedown09 says:

      I was in the same boat as you but I went ahead and got a iPhone 4 despite the reports. In the end I’m glad I did. MAJOR improvement over the 3G. Two things make this phone, the screen and speed. Both are amazing. I’d buy a case regardless of the antenna issue therefor it’s a moot point for me. Am I fan boy, hell no! I was considering the big HTC phone but even that one had bigger problems… battery, screen pealing ,etc…

    • TailsToo says:

      I have mine in a case, and I get better reception than the 3G did. Now if I take the case off, and hold the phone tighly in my left hand, then I can get the signal bar to drop (but so far, no dropped calls).

      If you’re going to get a case, the design flaw won’t matter.

    • manifesto-a-go-go says:

      I wouldn’t worry so much about it. I upgraded from a 3G and I love mine. The screen, camera, and processor speed are all great upgrades. With effort I can make the reception drop but I have not found it to be a problem in everyday use. Either I don’t hold it that way or I am in areas where coverage is good enough for it not to be a problem. I would recommend that if you really want one, go ahead and buy it direct from apple and see if you have a problem in your everyday use. Apple isn’t charging a restocking fee if you return it within 30 days.

      • jvanbrecht says:

        The ATT version of the Samsung Galaxy S is coming out around the 18th.. Sure its ATTified (meaning it contains all sorts of garbage.. in fact all their customizations are garbage, but with a little rooting/hacking, you can have a nice stock Android device). Other than the Iphone 4’s screen the S (which I believe uses the same A8 Cortex processor – also known as the Apple A4 processor) is a superior device from a pure specs standpoint.

  10. hosehead says:

    Prepare for fanboy invasion!

    • Mike says:

      Nah, I think they will stay silent on this one. There is really nothing to defend anymore. Apple has been total jerks about this from the beginning.

  11. areaman says:

    Great Firewall of Apple.

  12. jdmba says:

    I am honestly SO tired of Apple at this point. They are making products which are only consumed by rabid followers who can see no wrong. I would be happy to leave them to their DRM’d, underpowered, user-hostile hardware if they weren’t all so ‘in your face’ about their products. This is just another brick in the wall.

  13. MercuryPDX says:

    They’re not deleting them… you’re reading the forum wrong.

  14. Hardwired says:

    I can’t believe how Apple, as a company, acts. I am beyond proud to say I have NEVER owned or purchased an Apple product in my life. It’s not that I don’t like their products, it’s that they are stupidly overpriced for what they are (and almost always behind the tech curve on release). And let’s face it, their phone has always been a total joke when needed “as a phone”. If you’re reading this on an iPhone I bet your internet just locked up.

    • dorri732 says:

      “. . . it’s that they are stupidly overpriced for what they are (and almost always behind the tech curve on release).”

      I thought the same thing when my wife asked for a Macbook 4 years ago. I priced comparable laptops from HP, Dell, and IBM. When specced out the same (as best as I could, the others didn’t even offer a 2.16 Ghz processor at that time), the price was a wash.

      Macs aren’t more expensive for what you get, it’s just that they don’t sell any cheap computers.

      • Tombo says:

        Their Mac Pros are pricey as are their monitors. Their 13″ Laptops are reasonable though. I own an 8 way Mac Pro and internal design is very nice. The processors, memory and hard drive slide out for easy access (especially for my gorilla hands). All aluminum case, UNBELIEVABLY quiet. The “white box” PC next to it sounds like an airplane next to it.

        The 30″ monitor in the middle is so nice compared to the dell 24″ monitors on either side of it. But like I said, you pay for it. I’d prefer that experience than when I buy a monitor / PC for a low price and realize its a POS when I get it out of the box.

        They are simply the high end systems to come out of 10 years of the industry making computers cheaper and cheaper. I used to be a Thinkpad lover, but they’ve gotten cheap as well.

        It’s like a nice Cadillac or BMW or Bendz. It’s overpriced, but the ride is to die for.

        • Pax says:

          Just an FYI: the case design of your Mac sounds wonderful, but the actual PARTs in it, are several years behind the top-end parts being putinto PCs right now.

          For the same money, you can buy a PC that’s got six or more times the muscle of a Mac. Or, flipside, for the same parts, you could buy a PC that’s much less expensive than the Mac.

          If Macs were priced competitively with PCs that had the SAME parts in them, Macs would own a much MUCH larger share of the home-computer market than they currently do.


          All that is avoiding the topic of “Hackintosh” computers, of course. :)

    • Awesome McAwesomeness says:

      My goal for my life is to never own an Apple product. I will be shouting on my deathbead, “I never owned an Apple product!!!”

    • Supes says:

      That’s the problem with Apple. There products are usually very well-designed and user-friendly. But they are just ridiculously overpriced for what’s involved, a markup of twice the cost of producing a product is standard.

      I understand a markup. People need to be paid, research needs to be done, profits need to be made. But the Apple markup is just ridiculously high for all their products…. and people keep paying!

    • sufreak says:

      I think you’re being a bit naive and a hater for no reason. I am a computer tech. I’ve owned apples and PCs. I have a cheese grater sitting powered off for close to a year in my spare room.

      But Apple makes BEAUTIFUL hardware. It works well, and is designed for simplicity. The iPhone as an example (sans OS4) was a great example. Everything WORKED. they designed the hardware and the OS to work on that hardware.

      I’ve owned “Verizon” phones, Microsoft phones and I’ve used the iphone a bit. There is no comparison.

      The same applies for their hardware. The OS works for THAT hardware. And it works damn well.

      Comparing Apple to PCs is really comparing apples to oranges.

    • Pax says:

      I’m no Apple fanboy.

      However, I’m not a Hater, either.

      The only Apple-made hardware I own is my iPod Nano – a 4GB second-gen model, that I chose because it was part of the “Product(RED)” charity movement, and because I’d already been using iTunes for my music at home. And I’ve never had a single problem with that iPod.

      My girlfriend has a 64GB iPod touch, and before that had an iPod Nano (2 gen) like mine, but in a different color. Never had any real problems with either of those, either. (Well, we _did_ have to hard-reset her 2gen once, but that was the worst that ever happened with it.)

      That being said, well … Apple has really screwed the pooch on this one. That is such a fundamentally STUPID design flaw, that it should never have happened in the first place.

  15. Mike says:

    This all makes Steve Jobs’ famous 1984 speech seem so ironic.

  16. Awesome McAwesomeness says:

    The angry disciples of Apple are angry that you dare to question the perfection of their God!!!!

  17. Hardwired says:

    I have the ultimate solution for the problem, but an HTC EVO this time around and enjoy your 4G and Android experience and get an iPhone 5 next year when (hopefully) all the bugs are worked out of the thing.

    • Gramin says:

      Or even better… switch to Verizon and get the Droid X on Thursday. 1: No more Deathst, eh, AT&T. 2: Android 2.2 (soon) with flash (!!!). 3: Google’s upcoming release of an app builder for the Average Joe.

  18. Ximoxion says:

    Seems to me that the big fan boy defense is that they were going to buy a case anyway, so it is no big deal. WIth this said, I suppose that there were some defenders of the Ford Pinto as well. They were going to buy a kevlar fire suit anyway….

    • Torgonius wants an edit button says:

      And that little mess down in the Gulf? that’s really just BP’s way of testing out new deep-water well capping procedures and equipment. :)

    • nbs2 says:

      And they have a point – sort of. If they were going to buy a case anyway, there isn’t really any reason not to get one as far as the antenna issue is concerned. But, that situation is no excuse for a product not functioning property as is.

  19. TehQ says:

    Its no surprise, Apple all ready tells you what features you need, what apps you can use and you don’t need flash. Now they are telling you what you can and can’t read. If it was any other company there would be people calling for their downfall. How can people line up to buy a phone that doesn’t get signal when you hold it?

  20. slim150 says:

    So what happened… do you think they didn’t notice this issue the entire time they were testing the phone? Or they knew about it and didn’t care?

    • joe23521 says:

      I have not a shred of doubt that they knew about it. Why else would they release a first-party case for the first time for a phone entering its fourth generation?

  21. jeff_the_snake says:

    apple hates left handed people. it’s the only reasonable explanation. just like how hp had that defective laptop webcam that couldn’t see black people just because they’re a bunch of racists.

  22. jenl1625 says:

    What is the point of deleting forum references to something that’s all over the tv and internet news? Do they assume iPhone users (and potential users) are just too cool to watch or read the news?

  23. Nighthawke says:

    And cue Streisand Effect in 4, 3, 2, 1……

  24. Happy Tinfoil Cat says:

    I keep getting the impulse to buy Apple products. I go into this stupor, eyes glazed over, and reach out to touch their magnificent creations all the while my teensy-tiny voice of reason in the back of my mind is screaming “NO!”. I barely hear it. I can monitor my security cameras with an iPhone, maybe do GPS with Googlemaps, maybe link my Eye-Fi card to it, etc. Then I remember that Apple killed the licenses for apps that included nudity, left out Flash, and generally tries to control my morality by their church-like standards. It may be the perfect phone for a photographer, but possibly the bane of a photographer that focuses on nudes. I am a sinner, not worthy of Apple products. Deleting CR threads is comical, childish, and stupid but not censorship since they own the forums. I hate the true censorship, and that is what banning nudity is.

  25. Draygonia says:

    I cannot wait to see CrApple crash, burn and go brankrupt and close down over the losses of this phone… if it happens, I will donate myself to the war on the war on drugs :D

  26. Jeff-er-ee says:

    Apple and it’s drones are the most insecure collective known to mankind (IMHO).

  27. Scully says:

    What virtually everyone is ignoring here is the fact that there is no evidence of a design flaw or hardware defect. Other phones also suffer from this same issue, yet nobody seems to be worked up over it or demanding a recall.

    Instead, you grab onto anything that seems to validate your bias against the iPhone 4, even though most people are not suffering from this issue. CR is hardly unbiased in their testing, as they were looking to validate claims of this issue, so when they appeared to find it, the looked no further for any exculpatory evidence. At the same time, they are not qualified to test these devices and don’t have the necessary budget for the equipment needed. Testing in an isolation chamber, in one market, and simulating a network is not a real-world scenario, so the results certainly can’t be correlated to the experiences of all other users in every other market.

    Instead of jumping on the bandwagon of conspiracy, wise up and wait for real, unbiased evidence or reports from Apple that there is an issue.

    • TailsToo says:

      Most of these posts are from people who have never even touched an iPhone 4, but are ready to jump at the chance to bash Apple.

      If I take the case off of my phone, and hold the phone tightly in my left hand, I can cause the signal bar gauge to drop in areas of poor coverage. At work, where we have a tower nearby, I can’t get the signal to drop.

      The fact remains, however, that the phone works fine for me, and many, many others.

      Is Apple handling this problem poorly? Yes, for sure. But saying the iPhone is lousy, Apple products are crap, the company is evil, etc are just people looking for an excuse to attack a company that they don’t like.

  28. The Marionette says:

    In a way I think it’s bullshit how they’re doing that, but also for all we know they have a fix for it and will be releasing it soon so they don’t want to lose potential (or current) customers who happen to read the thread and decide to leave. I just hope it’s the later.

  29. Razor512 says:

    Apple has a history of doing this, when ever any of their products had a major design flaw or defect they removed posts about it on their forums. The problem is their customers accept this horrid treatment and continue to buy the products.

    If people weren’t so spineless they would get better treatment.

    At the place where I work, We use a certain distributor for large orders of computer hardware. The person leading the IT team went to request replacements of some DOA parts and the person on the other end tried to prevent him from doing that and eventually hung up. So we each called and tried to get to a higher up. after that the parts were replaced. After the replacements, a call was made back to the company’s higher up in order to let them know that were switching to a competitor because a worker was rude to us. We switched, then switched back when they offered discounts.

    Stand up for your self and don’t accept mistreatment.

    Having a legit forum post removed is disrespectful. The user didn’t plan on putting their time and energy bringing up a legit topic just have it wasted by it being deleted.

    A while back, I bought an ATI card, it had driver problems in which up to today is still not fixed. the videocards onboard memory is not properly utilized when dealing with opengl and thus the game engine is forced to use system memory for storing some of the texture, this causes lag

    I made a thread post and many users joined in who were having the same problem. After a short while, the moderator spyre decided to lock the thread and ban me.

    I then explained this to the VP of AMD and also sent him my invoice for the purchase of my AMD videocard, and also my purchase of my Nvidia card I then explained that due to the disrespect I received by the moderator, I will no longer buy ATI videocards. 2 hours later, I was mysteriously unbanned and the info was sent to their engineers.

    If you accept poor treatment then people will take advantage of you

  30. Lin.karl says:

    Apple is North Korean in tech world. they are highly secretive; they will threaten anyone with force if they know someone is going to report any unauthorized news; they think they have every rights to control what their fans do and see; they blame users for their mistakes, they will cheat to make their products perform better than it is, and it is expensive for them to fix something…. I guess the only difference is that Apple is competent and makes good looking product and North Korean gov’t is incompetent and makes idiotic threats to get what they wants.