D.C. Metrobus Riders, Make Sure Your Driver Isn't A Teenage Conman

Bus passengers usually trust that the person behind the wheel is who they say he is, because who would want to wear a uniform and drive around for hours for no pay? You know what they say about those who assume, though. Their bus ends up getting crashed into a tree by a 19-year-old pretending to be a bus driver.

The Washington Post reports that a suspect accused of doing such a thing was polite and professional, and most definitely a man of the people, telling passengers they didn’t need to pay. Then the driver crashed the bus and took off on foot.

Metrobus owners are taking the incident seriously, the Post reports:

Metro said Saturday that it will review its procedures to determine how a non-Metro employee, who was wearing a Metro uniform, was able to board a bus and drive away without identifying himself or being challenged.

Driver of Metrobus had passengers fooled [Washington Post]

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