Concept Rack Keeps Towels Sort Of Clean And Dry

Kim Jin Yeong’s towel rack concept proposes using ultraviolet light to sterilize towels and heat to dry them, making them “always clean and tidy.” We’re not sure how well it would work to clean, but hot towels are almost never a bad thing.

According to the concept product’s description:

Because we don’t use a towel as a disposable item, it should be dried and cleaned right after it is used for the next person. This item is designed to keep the towel always clean and tidy.

From the inner side of this product comes out ultraviolet razes [sic] to sterilize and heated wind to dry the towel. On the bar we hang the towel has holes for ventilation.

Aside from the appeal of hot towels, we’re not really sure if this would actually get towels cleaner. Somehow that aspect of this product reminds us of the classic Dilbert strip in which Wally boasts that every time he dries himself after showering, the towel is getting cleaner. We assume that anyone who uses Kim’s rack as their sole method of cleaning towels will eventually need to ask Wally’s question: Are towels supposed to bend?

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