What A Reality Show Taught Me About Negotiating

Hank at Own the Dollar doesn’t need Toastmasters or debate club to teach him how to work the negotiation table. He says he gets all the know-how he needs from the History Channel show American Pickers, in which hosts travel the country looking for pieces of American history.

He is advice on how to haggle — or in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia terminology (the linked video has a little off-color language), “barter” — like an American Picker:

Don’t name a price first. Whoever throws out a number first puts themselves at a disadvantage by showing their cards.

Be prepared to walk away. You have no room to negotiate if bailing isn’t an option.

Specialize and be knowledgeable. Know the ins and outs of the product so you won’t get swept up by emotion.

Lump things together. Bulk deals become a possibility when you go multiple.

Keep the end goal in mind. Set out a plan of attack, then execute that plan.

What negotiation tactics have you learned from TV?

What You Can Learn About Negotiating From The American Pickers TV Show [Own The Dollar]

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