American Apparel Promised A Free Thong, But I Remain Without Butt Floss

It’s a familiar story: company offers free item. The promotion goes viral and appears on deal sites, as well as the world’s greatest consumer blog. Company runs out of the free item and shuts down the promotion. That’s what B. says happened when she signed up for American Apparel’s e-mail list to get a free thong. SHe signed up, and then the company ended the promotion after the fact, perhaps hoping that customers wouldn’t notice. Update: American Apparel contacted us, and B. now has replacement thongs.

B. writes:

American Apparel ran a marketing scheme where they stated if you signed up for their email list you would get sent a free thong. I partook in this and signed up and gave them all of the necessary info. When I never received a free thong I emailed them asking why I never received the thong and if they could possibly resend it. This was their response:

“After receiving thousands of signups and mailing out thousands of thongs, we’re bringing this fun promo to a close. If you missed out, don’t worry – you can still sign up and be first in line for our other deals, special offers and other surprise giveaways. Meanwhile, we’re digging through our warehouse to see if we can find another great style to give to our new subscribers. Thank you”

B****** I stated in my email that I had participated in the original promo and they reply that it is now over? I already signed up so why is this woman asking me to sign up again to receive deals with the vague possibility of another promotion?

Don’t lose hope, B: maybe they’ll find a whole pallet of last season’s thongs and send them out. But probably not.

Update: American Apparel followed up with B. and sent a lovely selection of thongs to make up for the delay. If you haven’t received yours yet, we counsel patience.

How To Score A Free Thong From American Apparel

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