McDonald's Puts Mac Snack Wraps Out Of Their Misery

If you haven’t had the chance to feast on a Mac Snack Wrap or a Big N’ Tasty at McDonald’s, you don’t have much time left. The Golden Arches has decided to put a bullet in these two low-selling items, along with others. The fast food Goliath is also planning to go wide with its currently testing oatmeal breakfast.

The sad news of the Mac Snack Wrap’s overdue demise was announced in a June 24 memo sent out to McDonald’s franchisees.

The Mac Snack Wrap has until August to disappear off the menu. But for folks who prefer their burger in wrap form, have no fear. The Angus Snack Wrap will be here to fill the void.

Meanwhile, the Big N’ Tasty, which McDonald’s touts on its site as the “Standard-Bearer of Burgers,” will be bearing said standard in the fast food graveyard come September.

One analyst sees a glimmer of hope in the death of Whopper clone Big N’ Tasty:

They’ve kept the Big N’ Tasty around as a competitor to the Whopper, in case they wanted to launch another burger war and put it on the dollar menu… Then Burger King has to retaliate with 99 cent Whoppers. I think it’s good that they get rid of the Big N’ Tasty, so they’re not tempted to do that.

Will any of you miss these two treats from McDonald’s? More importantly, what’s the one McDonald’s item you would hate to see vanish? (If there’s any way to preemptively stop the “I think they should get rid of the whole menu” comments now, I’d appreciate it.)

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