Things To Do With That Obsolete iPhone

What Pixar needs to do is make a movie called iPhone Story, about what your outmoded past iPhones do when you’re not looking and how they react to the annual, Buzz Lightyear-like newcomers.

Tom’s List provides some notes for a potential script if anyone wants to jump on the project. Here are eight things you can do with those old iPhones after you disconnect them:

* WiFi-only phones.

* Mini spare hard drives.

* A back-up phone in case the new one breaks.

*A universal remote.

* A music and movie library for your home theater.

* A night stand webcam.

* A handheld game console.

* Your experimental guinea pig.

Multiple iPhone buyers, what do you do with your extras?

9 New Uses For Your Old iPhone
[Tom’s Guide via Wise Bread]

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