Applecare+ Now More Expensive For Big Glass iPhones

Image courtesy of Apple

On Monday, Apple announced a new batch of iPhones. What the next-generation iPhone 8 and the next-next-generation iPhone X in have in common is glass all around, on both front and back, making them extra slippery. Apple has raised the price of its Applecare+ extended warranty and limited accidental damage program for some users.

Pricier coverage for more slippery phones

All that extra glass means that Applecare+ is part insurance and part extended warranty, and both cost more for devices that are more expensive. The plan for customers purchasing new normal-sized iPhone 8, 7, or 6s costs $129.

Yet the price goes up along with the sticker price of your phone. It will cost $199 for two years for the home button-free iPhone X, and $149 for the iPhone 8 Plus, 7 Plus, and 6s Plus. The longest that any plan will cover you for is two years.

Apple raised the price of the plan but lowered customers’ share of certain repairs a few years ago, making screen and battery replacements cheaper for customers who are still covered.

Apple doesn’t think it’s optional

While Applecare+ is optional, it’s a useful extra purchase if you tend to drop or smash phones often. It’s also not optional if you take part in Apple’s direct Upgrade Program, since the company packages the plan into the monthly price of for leasing (but not really leasing) a new iPhone.

Spread out over 24 months, a plan that costs $20 or $70 more isn’t that much of a difference, but it all contributes to making the price of a new iPhone creep upward.

However, you should also check with your carrier: For some customers, carriers’ own insurance plans might be a better option. Know how you use your devices and how you tend to break them.

(via Engadget)

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