Amazon Coupon Codes For July 2010 has uncaged their new July coupon codes. Here’s some of the deeper discounts:

50% off Amy & Brian Coconut Water
40% off Tasty Bite Boxed Meals and Sauces
35% off thinkThin Bites

See all the coupons here. [Amazon]


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  1. Osi says:

    Uhh, mis-link. There’s no such thing as Coconut water, only Coconut milk. lol!

    • mythago says:

      What? Coconut water is the stuff inside the coconut. Coconut milk is made from the coconut ‘meat’.

      • Osi says:

        Its not surprising that 80% of wiki are lies :) This is one of them.

        • NarcolepticGirl says:

          “And for the uninitiated, coconut WATER is the natural juice found inside the coconut, as opposed to coconut milk, which is made by boiling equal amounts of WATER and shredded coconut together until foamy, then straining, or coconut cream, which is made in the same manner with a ratio of four parts of shredded coconut to one part WATER. Milk can also be used in place of the WATER for a richer mix. These products are available online and in many grocery stores, but are not to be confused with sweetened cream of coconut, which is most often used for mixed drinks.”

          “If you’ve ever opened a fresh coconut, you will have seen the thin, opaque almost clear coconut juice or water which has a slight almond flavor. Contrary to popular belief, this is not the coconut milk.”

        • Lividity says:

          I’m gonna go with the Wiki over the Osi this time as I have seen coconut water with my own eyeballs. It does, in fact, exist inside of coconuts.

          • Applekid ┬──┬ ノ( ã‚œ-゜ノ) says:

            You’re all part of the coconut water conspiracy!

            (favorite instigator in a while. I must alert the troll council about an up-and-comer)

        • kalaratri says:

          Try as you might, you cannot reject our reality and substitute your own. You’re still wrong.

          • Osi says:

            Nice try troll ;)

            Living in Hawaii for long enough to know that the liquid inside coconuts are referred to as Coconut Milk, not “water”. Then again, it could be one of those things where different states and countries call them different names.

            • mythago says:

              Well, somebody’s sure trolling. Lol!

              • Fidget says:

                Seriously, is there a way to flag commenters? This person is just worthless, at the absolute best. I know the “eat pigs, look like a pig” person is no longer with us, but this one: I taser dogs, roflcopter!…ugh.
                Watch me get disemvoweled.

            • Jeff-er-ee says:

              Troll calling the troll…interesting.

              My uncle lived in Hawaii for nearly 50 years. He knew the difference. Travel anywhere in S.E. Asia (as I have) and call the clear liquid inside a coconut “milk”, and you’ll get a blank stare. Cripes, visit the Polynesian Cultural Center in your own damned state and watch a demonstration of making coconut milk and guess what…it’s water strained through shredded coconut meat.

              Whatever. Enjoy your fantasy world. Buh-bye.

            • EdnaLegume says:

              better not let Alton Brown hear you say that.

        • Jeff-er-ee says:

          Coconut milk is indeed made by straining water through shredded coconut meat. I’ve made it. Wikipedia is absolutely correct (except for the boiling part…not entirely necessary), and you are absolutely wrong.

          Coconut water the clear liquid that exists inside the coconut. Coconut milk is white (like milk) and thicker.

    • PanCake BuTT says:

      You maam, have been Rick Roll’d by Mythago. If it happens to be that you’re a dood, well you’re a maam in my book now. Get your facts str8!

    • reddbettie says:

      Coconut water is the liquid in the center of the coconut

    • humphrmi says:

      Actually, I think it would be called Coconut Juice, since the last time I looked, Coconuts do not have teets.

    • pucallpa says:

      I live in the Peruvian Amazon and have a huge coconut tree in my back yard. I can assure you that there is indeed water inside of them. It is quite refreshing and very good for you.

  2. ElleAnn says:

    Tasty Bites are delicious! And they are great backpacking food.

  3. sanjaysrik says:

    Their tastybite deal is NOT a deal, directly from the company and with free shipping, WITHOUT a discount, this is the real price.

    Amazon has a curious way of overpricing things and then putting a discount on them to make them normal price as if you’d gotten something for nothing. Or, people don’t check the real prices of things.

  4. raydee wandered off on a tangent and got lost says:
    • Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

      The last line of that blew my mind:

      “Coconut water is also used as an intravenous hydration fluid in some developing countries where medical saline is unavailable.”

      • raydee wandered off on a tangent and got lost says:

        I know, right? though this was meant to be in reply to a previous post. Whoops.

        Still, coconut water is pretty awesome. I’m just sad that the few times I’ve tried it, I didn’t like it.

  5. Applekid ┬──┬ ノ( ゜-゜ノ) says:

    I wanted to upgrade my Mr. Beer homebrewing kit to the Cooper’s homebrewing kit and since it’s the 1st of the month I could finally spring for it. It went up $20. ;_;

    WHY Amazon? I thought we were bros.

  6. BoredOOMM says:

    I want coupons for Woot

  7. gman863 says:

    If you have enough money to order coconut water at $2.50 per bottle it isn’t likely you care about coupons in the first place.

    • sanjaysrik says:

      Local bodega by me that has the non-upscale brand sells them for $1.05. Not sure why these are any better.

  8. HogwartsProfessor says:

    Aahh, it’s all groceries…I want music and boooooks…*snif*