Mayor Daley Wants Liquor Carts At Chicago Airports

Ever been sitting at the airport and wanting some booze, but too bogged down with bags — or pesky kids — to belly up to the bar? Well, for travelers passing through Chicago’s two airports, the Windy City’s inimitable mayor Richard Daley has the solution — pushcarts full of booze.

Realizing there’s money to be made for his city, Daley’s administration is pushing for a new type of liquor license that would permit “the sale of alcoholic liquor from pushcarts within authorized areas at O’Hare and Midway.”

The pushcarts would roam the corridors of the passenger terminals — the airport equivalent of a baseball stadium beer man — and would be operated by those restaurants and bars already serving located beer wine and booze in the airports.

Does this sound like something you’d take advantage of? I would imagine for parents traveling with their kids — especially young children — this would be a positive, yes?

Daley wants liquor carts at O’Hare, Midway [Chicago Tribune]

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