KFC Doesn't Realize That Lack Of Bun Is Whole Point To Double Down

When KFC announced the Double Down a few months back, the only real reason anyone took notice of the sandwich was because they’d made the audacious — not to mention greasy — decision to replace the bun with two slabs of fried chicken. Now, in a move to make the Double Down significantly less interesting, KFC has turned the sandwich into… well, just another sandwich.

Consumerist reader Alisa forwarded us an e-mail announcement from KFC heralding the newest take on the Double Down, which takes away one chicken breast and uses a real bun. So in the end you have a fried chicken sandwich with cheese and bacon.

Brags the ad:

If you thought our sandwich without the bun was a hit, wait until you see what we’re doing with a bun!

I can’t say for certain, but it looks like you’re making a sandwich with the bun. Well done.

Considering all the interesting things that more ingenious minds have come up with for the Double Down — the diabetic-friendly Double Down, the vegan version, the Krispy Kreme/Double Down monster — this is a bit of a let-down.

If you can’t wait until this hits KFCs on July 5, just get a Double Down and throw a hamburger bun on it.

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