Emailing Logitech VP Gets Out-Of-Warranty Remote Fixed

Chuck was stuck with a broke remote. Out of warranty, it was a joke, its LCD screen croaked, its buttons he blindly poked. Customer service offered him reimbursement, 50%, on his next purchase. Not good enough, he puffed! He did not want to fill a landfill with more stuff! So he leapt over the minions and emailed a man who had hand, like pinions he spun gears and he won Chuck a repair and now Chuck no longer rips out his hair, no longer stuck with a joke of a broken remote, his tale I now share:

Chuck writes:

I own lots of Logitech products, two of those being Harmony remotes. One of those remotes is the Harmony 890 with the RF adapter. When it was new, it was a rather expensive remote control, but the prospect of hiding away all my devices was too much to pass up. I was able to get great use from the remote, until the LCD went out. The device continued to function well, but not being able to see the LCD meant I had to do stuff from memory. When I had a friend house sit for me, I even had to resort to labeling the remote so he could use it. I’ve included a photo because it’s just ridiculous.

My remote was out of warranty, but I went ahead and attempted to warranty the device through the regular channels. The Logitech staff were polite, but insisted that since the device was not under warranty they could not replace it. I explained that I didn’t actually need a replacement, I just needed it fixed. I explained that the remote worked fine, but I felt somewhat bad condemning a working device to a landfill when a quick part replacement was all it would take. Again, the support staff explained that it was out of warranty and nothing could be done. They offered me a coupon for 50% off a new remote.

Dear chuck,

Thank you for your recent inquiry about your Universal Remotes

We are sorry to hear about your defective Harmony Remote. Your account information indicates that your remote is out of warranty and so we are unable to offer you a replacement unit.

If you would like to purchase a replacement remote, we are willing to offer you a special discount of 50 % off, availible on all current Harmony models (except bundles) from our web store.

Please contact our sales team on 1-800-231-7717. They are open Mon – Fri 6 am – 6 pm (Pacific Time) Sat – Sun 7 am – 5 pm (Pacific Time) Closed on all US Holidays. Please reference 100405-001481 to validate the discount

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you.

Logitech Customer Care

Not deterred, I pressed the issue that I really just wanted mine fixed. Again they reminded me my warranty was out. After doing a quick search on your site, I found mention of contacting David Henry who is Senior VP of Customer Experience ( He was able to escalate the issue and get someone by the name of Dane involved. Dane immediately took ownership of the situation and asked me to mail it on in.

Dear chuck,

I’ve been informed that you require some assistance in getting the LCD screen of your Harmony 890 Pro fixed since it is not displaying anything correctly. We would be more than happy to help you with this request.

If you wish to have the screen replaced, please ship it to the following address.
Once we receive it, we will swap out the LCD screen for you and return the remote back to you.

Logitech Harmony Remote Controls

Harmony Technical Support

I paid shipping there, to Canada using a flat rate box. 3 Weeks later I got a notice of shipping from Canada Post. The remote arrived packed in what I sent it, but fully functioning now. Stickers intact!

So, I get a happy ending. This is a huge plug for Logitech. They have such great products and their staff really seem to care. This is also a thank you to Consumerist, because without you guys, I’d still have those stickers on there.



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