Your Kids Think Food Tastes Better When It Has A Cartoon On The Box

Researchers from Yale University announced today that kids think food tastes better when its marketed with a cartoon. They asked 40 kids to try some gummy fruit snacks, graham crackers and baby carrots.

One bite came from a unmarked package and the other from one with Dora the Explorer, Shrek or a Scooby Doo on it. Despite the fact that the food was the same, the kids consistently said the one with the cartoon character tasted better.

Oddly the effect was more pronounced on foods like graham crackers and less so on carrots.

From ABCNews:

But researchers were surprised to find cartoons didn’t have as much of an effect on the children’s taste for carrots. Only 50 percent of children thought carrots tasted better from a cartoon-decorated package.

“Overall we expected to see more,” said Roberto.

A carrot is a carrot, we suppose.

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