If You're Unhappy With Bus Service Cuts, Do Not Punch Bus Driver In Face

There are many ways for citizens to protest mass-transit service cuts — with these posters or this tee shirt, for example — but we’re pretty sure that high up on the list of “least effective ways to effect change” is “repeatedly punch some poor bus driver in the face while he’s driving.”

Yesterday was the day that massive service cuts to bus and subway service took place in New York City, leaving millions of commuters staring at their watches and wondering if they’d ever get where they were going.

But for one 22-year-old Brooklyn bus rider, it was all just a little too much to handle.

Around 4:50a.m. Monday morning, the young man was ordered off his bus after complaining to the driver that he was driving too slowly. But rather than get off the bus and cool his heels, the hotheaded commuter let his fists do the talking, socking the driver in the face while the large vehicle drove down Bay Parkway.

The driver was treated at a local hospital for cuts, bruises and swelling.

The 6’2″, 205-lb pugilist has been charged with felony assault and misdemeanor menacing and harassment. According to police, this isn’t the first time he’s run afoul of the MTA. Of his six previous arrests, at least two are for attempting to beat the subway fare.

Apparently his grandmother hasn’t read her grandson’s rap sheet. “He’s not a violent person,” she said. “He’s always helpful to us.”

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