Universal Really Needs To Release This Movie On DVD

Often all you need to see is a movie poster to know that a movie will be unspeakably awesome. This 1950 drama, apparently never released on home video but somehow seen and rated by 58 incredibly lucky IMDB users, is undoubtedly a spiritual successor to Reefer Madness, but has been lost to the ages.

From a user review on IMDB:

Laughably, the shoplifting syndicate operates on a level of ruthlessness and secrecy on a par with the Nazis in The House on 92nd Street, the heroin smugglers in To The Ends of the Earth, or the Communists in The Woman On Pier 13. But I Was A Shoplifter has been picked clean of wit, style and suspense; it stands as a grim example of a particular post-war posture of humorless self-importance, passing itself off as entertainment.

They had me at “picked clean of wit, style and suspense.” One day I will track this movie down and review it for you, Consumerists. This I swear.

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(Thanks, Bec!)

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