MTA Doesn't LOL At WTF Poster

In these cash-strapped times, you’d think anyone willing to buy $50K worth of ad space on subways and buses would be a good thing. But for some reason, the New York Metropolitan Transit Authority wasn’t happy with this recently proposed ad campaign.

In posters that ape the MTA’s own service advisory posters, the Working Families Party takes issue with the MTA’s proposed fare hikes and service cuts while pointing the finger at three-term mayor Michael Bloomberg for not living up to promises to fix the subway system.

One poster has the cryptic message of “WTF?” which we’re told means something naughty that bad kids who smoke cigarettes behind the gym during shop class say. The second says “OMFG” which we can only assume is a reference to legendary NYC nightclub CBGB/OMFUG… right?

Regardless, the MTA has rejected the ads, calling them “offensive, improper or in bad taste.”

They were also afraid that people might confuse them with real service advisories, or think that the MTA agrees with the Working Family Party’s political agenda.

‘WTF?’ MTA bigs derail Working Families Party’s texty ads targeting Mayor Bloomberg [NY Daily News]

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