Relive Your Fondest Retail Memories With New Graphic Novel

Have you worked retail? You might be amused by a new book called Hello Do You Work Here?, a collection of illustrated true stories about crazy-making customers.

Suvudu’s Matt Staggs recommends it, and says its “stories of suicidal cat ladies, lecherous fast food customers, conspiracy-minded copy store clients, sadistic bosses and alcoholic coworkers will strike a chord with anyone who has ever done a stint in customer service, and be a real eye opener into the particular despondence of that world for anyone who hasn’t.”

The website for the book has a few sample pages if you’d rather get your obnoxious customer fix for free. Also, why aren’t these grapes labeled fat-free!?!?1!

Hello, do YOU work here? [Alternacomics]
“Alterna Comics Taps Into Retail Rage With ‘Hello Do You Work Here?'” [Suvudu]

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