Man Sentenced To Life In Prison For Shoplifting

A man in Mississippi is heading up the river for the rest of his life after he was caught heisting some stuff from a Kohl’s store and then led police on a car chase. Oh, and also because he’d been convicted 10 previous times.

After being arrested for trying to cash in his five-finger discount at Kohl’s, local police in Mississippi ran the man’s name through the system and came up with a bonanza of a rap sheet from his days in Tennessee: 18 arrests, 10 convictions (4 felony convictions; 6 prior felonies reduced to misdemeanors).

The wannabe thief was convicted of three felonies and given a mandatory life sentence, as per Mississippi state law.

Want to bet the TV reporter caught shoplifting last week is happy she was snagged in Connecticut?

The local police chief sums it up best: “If you’re gonna commit felonies, you’d better keep your stupid self in the state that lets you get away with ’em.”


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