Book On Tuesdays, Fly On Wednesdays

Looking to save money on airfare for that fun summer getaway? The best time to buy an airline ticket is Tuesday around 3pm, and the best time to fly is a Wednesday. Why?

The data loving number crunchers at FareCompare have ferreted out from the airfare tables that airlines often post their ticket sales on Monday evenings. The other airlines then try to come out with their own matching deals Tuesday morning. By Tuesday afternoon, all the best fares in the computers and waiting for you to snatch them.

Wednesday is the day least traveled, so its often the cheapest. Also, Wednesdays airlines charge the lowest “peak air travel surcharge.”

So buy on Tuesdays, travel on Wednesdays, and you’ll have more money left over for beach-side margaritas.

Summer Travel: Money Saving Tips [CBS MoneyWatch via Strollerderby]
Airline Ticket Surcharges for Peak Domestic Travel – Avoid the Most Expensive Days [FareCompare]


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  1. clownsRcreepy says:

    The fog is growing thicker and leon is growing laarrrgggeeerrrr!

  2. Chaluapman says:

    She’s hot

  3. HogwartsProfessor says:

    That’s nice, except for the fact that people work and can’t always take off in the middle of the week. How about more specials on weekends when you book ahead? Or something.

    I would do that to visit the honey, but he can’t take off then either (he’s in federal LEO training).

    • Anathema777 says:

      Well, duh. The reason that the fares are cheaper on those days is because people work during the week and fewer people can fly on those days. It’s supply and demand.

    • xxmichaelxx says:

      “except for the fact that people work and can’t always take off in the middle of the week.”
      And that’s why it’s the best time to fly.

    • Pryde987 says:

      cool story bro

  4. Eli the Ice Man says:

    I’d like to book a flight to wherever that chick is….

  5. smo0 says:

    Yeah I knew that, I live in vegas – you never want a “to or from” on any days close or on the weekend.

  6. KPS2010 says:

    Caption: “Look at me I’m an attention whore”