The DOT Wants Your Opinion On Proposed In-Flight Peanut Ban

A couple weeks back we wrote about how the Dept. of Transportation was considering a possible ban on peanuts on airplanes and what resulted was easily one of the site’s more divisive debates. Now, as the DOT and FAA continue to mull over this plan — and consider other options — the regulators say they want to hear from you, the citizens of these United States of America.

Over at, you can read what others, industry professionals and laypersons alike, have had to say about the topic (You’ll have to check the “Public Submissions” box to see, well… public submissions).

For an interface that’s a little less convoluted, there’s Cornell’s Regulation Room, which not only has a detailed description of the proposal, but will also forward a summary of all comments received on the topic to the DOT.

So whether you’re for the peanut ban, against it or maybe have what you think is a reasonable compromise, have your say at either site.

In the meantime, feel free to vote in our poll about the four options being mulled over for dealing with the peanut issue. And as always, comment away…

Should peanuts be banned from planes? [CNN]

Thanks to Yauna for the tip!

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