Target Point Consulting Calls Stranger At Home To Insult Him

Jon says someone called him earlier this month and claimed to be from a company called Target Point Consulting, and asked Jon to answer a survey. When Jon said no and asked how the caller got his number, which is on the Do Not Call list, things got interesting.

Here’s his letter to Target Point Consulting:

[On June 3rd] at 7:43 PM I received a call on my home phone from your company, a person asking to do a survey. Since my number is on the do not call list, and I never give it out I asked where he got my number. Something was mumbled, and I was unable to understand him. I asked “What”, and he repeats loudly “Are you stupid? Little bitch.” I said what again and he goes “You’re my bitch”.

I don’t understand why your company was calling me, especially around a time when many people are sitting at the dinner table with their kids. I don’t know why your employee was cursing at me, epically when he could hear my 9yr old daughter repetitively picking up the phone, and me telling her to get off the phone. This was completely uncalled for, your employee ruined my family’s dinner, and I want something done about it.

Jon sent that email on the third. He says the next day he got the following response from someone at the company: “Thanks Jon. I will check into this and get back to you.” He adds,

I got [that response] on the 4th, and I believe that was the only time I heard from that company. I called them directly, and was told no one was available to help me.

I received a phone call from one of their contractors, requesting information but never heard what came of it.

One thing worth noting is the National Do Not Call Registry does not apply to telephone surveyors, provided they only do surveying and don’t also try to sell you something. This does not make you the caller’s bitch, however.

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