Dyson's Freaky Air Multiplier Really Works

Dyson claims that its Air Multiplier, which looks sort of like an interdimensional portal from a bad sci-fi movie, can “generate smooth, uninterrupted airflow with no unpleasant buffeting” and “amplify the surrounding air.” And according to the lab geeks at Consumer Reports, it really works. Too bad that, at $300, it’s priced closer to an interdimensional portal from a bad sci-fi movie.

CR tested the Air Multiplier against several normal table fans, and found that it “gennerated a smooth, uninterrupted airflow.” But they also found that the fans, which cost from $17 to $35, did just as good a job.

Our engineers might have joined the Dyson Air Multiplier fan club—except for the high price. Generally, panelists found that the Dyson generated a smooth, uninterrupted airflow, but they felt that one of our comparison fans did that, too; and most panelists found those two fans equally pleasing. The Dyson is easily adjusted with a tilt of the tower, is easy to clean, and is safe, because there are no blades.

One good thing about that high price: Chances are that, when this summer’s heat wave hits, it’ll still be available in stores, long after other fans are sold out.

Dyson Air Multiplier: Claim Check [Consumer Reports]

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