Ames True Temper Replaces Broken Decade-Old Shovel

As consumers in modern America, we often cynically assume that “Lifetime Guarantee” is just a something companies slap on products with no basis in fact, like “New and Improved!” or “With Calcium.” But there are companies who take the lifetime warranty concept seriously, and will replace a ten-year-old shovel after its handle breaks just as garden season begins. Matt discovered that a shovel he picked up at Home Depot a decade ago carried such a guarantee…and the company replaced his broken shovel even though all proof of purchase was long gone.

About ten years ago I purchased a shovel at Home Depot. A few weeks ago, the handle broke while I was using it in my garden. I vaguely remembered that it had a “lifetime guarantee” when I bought it.

Over the years, the upc and labels have worn away and were barely legible. The business end of the shovel had the name Ames True Temper stamped in it. I contacted Ames through their website, and heard back a few days later. Someone in customer service asked if I could submit a photo of the shovel. I did so and the next day I received an email stating they could identify the type and model and that they would send me a new shovel.

I came home yesterday to find a new shovel waiting for me on my porch and I can now return to getting my dig on! Hurray for companies that do the right thing!!!

Go get ’em, Matt. That dirt won’t know what hit it. Well, stabbed it.

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