Digging Out From A Snowstorm: Know Your Shovels

Need a new shovel, or an additional one? You can save a lot of time, effort, and pain by choosing the one that’s right for you. Our colleagues over at Consumer Reports did the heavy lifting, evaluating different types of shovels and what kinds of people and snow they’re most appropriate for. [More]

One type of shovel

Did My Home Depot Test These Shovels Before Putting Them Out For Sale?

Todd was at his local Home Depot when he noticed something weird about the shovels on display. They were rusted and had clearly been used. [More]

Ames True Temper Replaces Broken Decade-Old Shovel

Ames True Temper Replaces Broken Decade-Old Shovel

As consumers in modern America, we often cynically assume that “Lifetime Guarantee” is just a something companies slap on products with no basis in fact, like “New and Improved!” or “With Calcium.” But there are companies who take the lifetime warranty concept seriously, and will replace a ten-year-old shovel after its handle breaks just as garden season begins. Matt discovered that a shovel he picked up at Home Depot a decade ago carried such a guarantee…and the company replaced his broken shovel even though all proof of purchase was long gone. [More]

Sears Replaces Man's Shovel With No Hassle

Man walks into Sears store with broken Craftsman shovel. Moments later, walks out with brand-new, better, Craftsman shovel they let him pick out, for free. True story. [OneProjectCloser]