Home Depot Expands Spring Black Friday To Spring Cyber Week

Image courtesy of The Searcher

For a store that sells supplies for improving homes and planting gardens, it’s true that spring is kind of like Christmas. That’s why it makes sense that Home Depot is expanding their “Spring Black Friday” event out to a Spring Cyber Week. However, while it makes sense, it’s still stupid.

It’s fine for a seasonal business to think of its top season as “like Christmas,” but I’m not sure that trying to harness our association of the week after Thanksgiving as a time of sales magic and frenzied shopping. They just want us to transfer that impulse to bags of mulch and flats of petunias now that it’s time to buy garden supplies.

Home Depot had a great Christmas season this year, using the whole “Cyber Week” concept to drive online sales. If it worked then, why couldn’t they just translate the concept to the peak time in the home-improvement business? “Thanksgiving time isn’t the only time customers want a deal, so let’s extend it into our peak selling season,” the company’s president of online operations told Bloomberg News.

How Home Depot Plans to Turn Spring Into Christmas [Bloomberg News]

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