15 People Kidnapped For Filming A Beer Commercial Without Permission

So, Mexico is apparently pretty @#$%ing intense. A total of 28 people were kidnapped by machete-wielding locals who objected to Grupo Modelo, the maker of Corona beer, filming a commercial on their land. 13 of the people kidnapped were actually Mexican reporters who had nothing to do with the beer company.

From the AP:

The indigenous communal landowners were upset that Grupo Modelo, the maker of Corona beer, had not asked their permission to film the commercial on their property, said the official.

They first kidnapped the Mexican reporters after mistaking them for the Grupo Modelo team, the official said. The Nahua Indians released the journalists after about three hours, then kidnapped the Grupo Modelo filmmakers who arrived in the area later. They too were released after several hours.

Nobody was injured but the Mexican government is still trying to get the camera equipment back.

Grupo Modelo makes a variety of beers including Corona, Pacifico and Negra Modelo. The article didn’t specify which beer the commercial was for.

Mexican reporters on gov’t tourism trip kidnapped [AP]

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