Verizon EECB Fixes DSL Price Glitches, Nets 2 Months Of Credit

Joshua, who struggled with Verizon’s flaky DSL service and pricing shenanigans, launched an Executive E-mail Carpet Bomb just after he notified us of the problem. And by the time we posted his story the company had already swooped in and taken care of him.

He writes:

When I first wrote the Consumerist (before they published my email on their site) one of the editors responded, linking me to an article that had various suggestions of what to do if you’ve exhausted all normal means of contact and are getting nowhere. I went ahead and performed an “Executive Email Carpet Bomb”. Just a little over an hour after I sent the email, I received a call from [a Verizon rep] and she rectified the problem, returning our speed back to where it had previously been, giving us our original pricing back, and gave us two months of credit to boot. I am thankful for the quick response and am glad to finally have our issue resolved.

If you get stuck with Verizon’s customer service, it can’t hurt to send a comment their way via the Twitterverse.

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