Send AT&T CEO Too Many E-Mails, Get A Free Cease And Desist Order

If you’re planning to send AT&T Wireless an Executive E-Mail Carpet Bomb regarding their changes to iPhone and iPad data plans, maybe remove CEO Randall Stephenson from your address book. Engadget reports that a customer who sent Stephenson one e-mail too many got a friendly call from the Executive Response Team…. threatening him with a cease and desist order.

They recount the reader’s sad story:

[A]s reader Giorgio Galante found out today, sending AT&T’s CEO two emails in two weeks results in a phone call from AT&T’s Executive Response Team and a warning that further emails will result in a cease and desist letter. What did Giorgio’s emails say? The first was a request to bump up his iPhone eligibility date and a request for a tethering option, and today’s outlined his displeasure with AT&T’s new data rates and ultimate decision to switch to Sprint and the EVO 4G. That prompted “Brent” to call Giorgio back and thank him for the feedback, but also politely warn him that further emails would be met with legal action.

Someone needs to get Stephenson an iPad so he can send terse responses to customers like his pal Steve Jobs.

AT&T warns customer that emailing the CEO will result in a cease and desist letter [Engadget]

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