T-Mobile CEO Rips AT&T CEO, Asks AT&T Customers To E-Mail Him Their Suggestions

T-Mobile-CEO-John-LegereYesterday, AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson made it clear that he has no interest in hearing from customers who might have a suggestion for a new product or service. And because T-Mobile CEO John Legere will take every opportunity he can get to needle AT&T, he’s using this news to point out that he’s slightly more receptive than Dandy Randy from the Death Star — and that he’s also willing to field suggestions for AT&T.

Even though Legere still refuses to answer our questions about his company’s blatant disregard for the people of Andorra, he announced yesterday that he’s still willing to take suggestions and feedback either through his often-candid Twitter account or via e-mail at John.Legere@T-Mobile.com.

For AT&T customers, Legere also had his folks create a suggestion line, IdeasforRandall@t-mobile.com that will collect ideas for AT&T services and send the best ones on to Mr. Stephenson. Suggestions will also be harvested from the Twitter hashtag #IdeasforRandall.

“It absolutely amazes me that Randall would tell a lifelong customer to basically go away and talk to my lawyers,” said Legere in a statement. “I interact with customers on a daily basis so I can hear their ideas firsthand. It’s called living in the 21st century.”

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