Ohio Cops Can Guesstimate Your Speed To Ticket You

Ohio cops have been granted superpowers by the state’s supreme court, which has ruled that officers needn’t bother with such needless trivialities as radar guns. A visual estimate of speed is all that’s necessary to give a driver a ticket, the court decided in a 5-1 vote.

WLWT reports:

The dissenting justice said that applying a broad standard to officers’ observations should not override juries’ instructions to determine the credibility of the officer and testimony in question.

Cincinnati’s chief deputy prosecutor, Charles Rubenstein, told News 5’s John London that police have used visual estimation of speeding around this part of Ohio for years.

Good to know that Ohio police took the initiative to let their eyes do the clocking in advance of the court system’s go-ahead. Because, you know, practice makes perfect.

Court: Officer’s Speed Estimate Enough For Ticket [WLWT Cincinnati]
(Thanks, Ted!)