Do Not Market Your $8 Cupcakes By Insulting Fat People

There are a lot of things to keep in mind when launching a small business. One of them: try not to build your marketing around an insult a substantial portion of the American population. A small bakery in North Carolina forgot this important truth, and launched with the tagline “So Good It Makes Fat People Cry.” The slogan didn’t make anyone cry–it just pissed people off.

When a customer complained about the situation, the business owners took to their personal Twitter accounts to rant about the situation. More helpful business advice: don’t do that unless your Twitter feed is private.

On their blog, the bakery apologized:

Regarding our slogan, let us begin by apologizing to you, Diana, and everyone else we have offended. This was never our intention. The tagline was meant as a joke and nothing more. We never meant to hurt anyone. The tagline is no longer in use and the tweets you found offensive have been removed.

Today, even before all of this happened, was a really bad day for both of us. The stress of opening a small business and dealing with all the details has been getting to us. None of this is fair to you, but it’s the truth and we owe you that.

Please forgive our insensitivity. We are truly sorry.

Carrie and David

I think we can all agree that the real crime here is selling a single cupcake for $8.

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