Who's Behind Michael Jordan's "Nike" Skates?

With the heathen sports fans in Chicago going a little overboard in celebrating their first Stanley Cup finals in something like 128 years, they recently decked out the famous statue of Chicago Bulls basketball biggie Michael Jordan in a Chicago Blackhawks uniform, complete with a pair of Reebok skate blades attached to his Air Jordans. But somehow, over the weekend the Reebok logo was suddenly stickered over with the Nike “swoosh” logo. Is this good-natured pranksterism or cold, greedy brand management?

According to Yahoo Sports, the official word from Nike — which has been associated with Jordan since he was a dunking-from-mid-court fetus (okay, maybe not that long) — is that they have absolutely nothing to do with it.

Of course, some sports fans might recall that Jordan covered up all the Reebok logos on his Blackhawks jersey during a visit to a 2009 NHL playoffs game.

So what do you think? Did Nike hire someone to hire someone to pay off a kid to slap the stickers on? Or is some guy sitting at home in Waukegan laughing his butt off at his hilarious prank?

And more importantly: Go Flyers.

To surprise of no one, Michael Jordan now wearing NIKE skates [Yahoo Sports]

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