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Southwest Airlines Duped The Entire Plane And We Loved It: Send Us Your Happy Travel Tales

This morning, before the sun had fully risen over the eastern seaboard, I was groggily fighting sleep and crankily wishing ill upon my seatmate’s blaring iPod as we sat on a 6 a.m. flight to Chicago on Southwest Airlines. Usually I am not in the mood for jokes at such an hour, but with one well-timed prank, the airline known for its particular brand of crew member humor turned everyone’s frowns upside down. [More]

Ready to McDunk your nuggets?

This Jug Of 20-Year-Old, Michael Jordan-Branded McDonald’s BBQ Sauce Can Be Yours For $9,995

Have a spare $10,000 lying around the house and a hankering for a gallon of very rare fast food barbecue sauce? Then do we have the eBay listing for you. [More]

Got $29 Million To Spare? Then Michael Jordan Has The Mansion For You!

Apparently no one told basketball legend and ardent wearer of Hanes Michael Jordan that home prices have dropped to a level not seen since 2006, because he’s trying unload his super-fancy suburban Chicago living quarters for a hefty $29 million. Good luck with that one! [More]

Who's Behind Michael Jordan's "Nike" Skates?

Who's Behind Michael Jordan's "Nike" Skates?

With the heathen sports fans in Chicago going a little overboard in celebrating their first Stanley Cup finals in something like 128 years, they recently decked out the famous statue of Chicago Bulls basketball biggie Michael Jordan in a Chicago Blackhawks uniform, complete with a pair of Reebok skate blades attached to his Air Jordans. But somehow, over the weekend the Reebok logo was suddenly stickered over with the Nike “swoosh” logo. Is this good-natured pranksterism or cold, greedy brand management? [More]

Leave Jordan And The Wu-Tang Alone, Corporate America

Leave Jordan And The Wu-Tang Alone, Corporate America

“Streets are talking and apparently they want to you to stop being like Mike and drinking your Ghostface flavored Wu-Juice,” says Don’t Believe the Hypebeast.