TV Networks Object To Diaper Commercial That Uses Word "Pooping"

Diaper commercials, much like commercials for menstrual products, have always sort of glossed over the actual function of the products. No more. A new Huggies ad for denim-patterned diapers (really) features a voice-over that says “I poo in blue,” and ends with the tagline, “The coolest you’ll look pooping your pants.”

The New York Times reports that this level of frankness did not go over well.

While the jeans diaper commercial, which is scheduled to run on May 31, was accepted by 13 networks, including NBC, TNT and E!, three others, ABC, ABC Family and Sprout, objected to screen text at the end of the spot that included the word “pooping,” according to Huggies. (The brand did not seek to advertise on either CBS or Fox.) For those networks, the text was changed to, “When you gotta go, go in style.”

Is this too much? Are “limited edition” denim-printed diapers themselves over the top? Here’s the ad.

Come on, Huggies, there are lots of pants that are much cooler to poop in than fake denim diapers.

Both Style and Substance in Diaper Advertising
[NY TImes]

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