Save $100/Year By Retrofitting Your Toilet To Dual-Flush

You know, not everything that goes into your toilet requires the same amount of water to push it down the pipes. Wouldn’t it be better to use more water on the denser stuff, and vice versa?

Well, with no tools and just $20, you can trick out your toilet so that it’s “dual flush” (a new toilet with dual flush built-in can run you from $99 to a few hundred). Dual flush means it lets you, at the push of a button, decide whether you want to you a lot of water or a little. John over at Young House blog put one in this weekend and gives a step by step walkthrough.

You might not be able to pimp your ride, but you can at least trick out your throne and save a little coin.

Easy Upgrade: Super Toilet [Young House Love]

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