Customer Says Supermarket Sold Rotten Chicken With New Sell By Date

A woman in Brooklyn has accused a local grocery store of slapping a new “sell by” sticker over an expired one in order to unload some old poultry that was past its prime.

She told the The Brooklyn Paper:

I got it home [on May 12], cut off the wrapping and smelled something wrong immediately,” Viljoen told us. “The ‘sell by’ date on the label said May 16. … But the dopes left the original ‘sell by’ sticker underneath it: May 5.”


The store, a Key Foods supermarket, received poor marks in April from state inspectors, but a more recent inspection turned up nothing suspect. That may be why the store manager felt bold enough to tell the Brooklyn Paper that the customer was just a gold digger:

“People try to make money that way,” said Manager Edwin Rodriguez. “It’s absolutely not true. The inspector came in the next day, and everything’s fine.”

“Unfair fowl! Heights Key Food appears to have doctored ‘sell-by’ date on a chicken” [The Brooklyn Paper] (Thanks to Rob!)

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