Sell Games Online To Avoid GameStop Flop

Gamers kvetch about the walk of shame that ends with flopping a stack of used games onto the counter of GameStop or some other used game business for pennies on the dollar. Selling your stuff online via eBay or Amazon is another option, but that requires tenaciousness and responsibility.

Venture Beat profiles Glyde, a service that promises to streamline gamer-to-gamer sales. Glyde also lets you sell books, movies and CDs.

From the story:

With Glyde, you can start selling a video game almost immediately. You register once. Then you log in and click on selling. You start typing in the name of the game you want to sell. The autotext takes over and you can click yes if it guesses correctly. Then it suggests a price to you that is based on the average market value for that used game. You can set your price slightly lower than market if you want it to move fast. If the market value of a game drops below the price you’ve posted, Glyde sends you a notification so you can make an adjustment.

Then you’re done. You get an email if the game sells. Then Glyde mails you a package with the postage paid and address of the buyer. You stick the game in the envelope and drop it in the U.S. mail. When the buyer verifies that he or she got the game, Glyde will release the funds to you. It takes a 10 percent fee and a $1.25 fee for postage. On average, buyers can save 90 percent on prices for used games; sellers can get more than twice as much as they usually get by taking it into a store to swap it for store credit…

Please share your experiences if you’ve used Glyde or a similar service.

Glyde hopes to take used game market with easy web interface [VentureBeat]

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