Chicken May Get More Expensive Because Birds Are Too Old And Fat To Breed

Years of very precise breeding means that modern poultry grow to massive sizes very quickly — sometimes in a matter of weeks. While this results in more meat in less time, it’s also causing a problem: Some birds are so top-heavy that they may not be all that interested in breeding, and there’s now an older breeding population of roosters and hens that are less likely to produce viable eggs. [More]

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5 Reasons People Are Suddenly Concerned About Brazilian Beef

Are you having beef for dinner? Do you know where it came from? No, not the grocery store down the street, but where the cow was raised? Most of us probably can’t answer those questions, and that’s a growing concern for health advocates, retailers, and lawmakers amid reports that some meatpackers in Brazil — one of the world’s largest exporters of beef — are shipping out rotten, salmonella-tainted beef. [More]


Extremely Contagious Bird Flu Found On Tennessee Chicken Farm

It’s been a few years since a widespread avian flu outbreak hit U.S. poultry farmers hard, prompting national egg shortages and higher prices for products. Farmers are starting to get worried again, after a highly contagious strain of the flu has been found in a commercial chicken flock in Tennessee. [More]


U.S. Poultry Industry Facing New Bird Flu Strain Currently Wreaking Havoc Overseas

A very familiar threat could be winging its way toward U.S. poultry farms, and it’s got the industry more than a little bit worried: there’s a new strain of avian flu speeding across Europe and Asia, forcing farmers to destroy tens of millions of infected birds. [More]


An Oversupply Of Cheese & Meat Hurts Producers; Means Better Prices At The Store

Supply and demand: the push and pull of time, money, materials, and desire that influences the price and availability of all commodities. An overreaction to a shortage today can result in a glut a few years from now, and vice versa.  So how did we end up with the current overabundance of cheese, meat, and grains in the U.S.? [More]

USDA Reports First New Case Of Bird Flu Since June At Commercial Turkey Farm In Indiana

USDA Reports First New Case Of Bird Flu Since June At Commercial Turkey Farm In Indiana

As U.S. poultry farmers continue to get their flocks back to normal levels and consumers are finally seeing prices dropping after the widespread avian flu outbreak that hit the industry last year, officials with the Department of Agriculture say they’ve found the first case of bird flu since last June. [More]

Lawmakers Call On USDA To Reduce Farmers’ Reliance On Antibiotics In Chickens

Lawmakers Call On USDA To Reduce Farmers’ Reliance On Antibiotics In Chickens

Following a 17-month outbreak of salmonella poisoning that sickened at least 600 people around the country, a Dept. of Agriculture advisory committee will meet tomorrow discuss strategies for effectively controlling the spread of salmonella in poultry. In advance of that meeting, two members of Congress are calling on the USDA to take a three-pronged approach to fighting drug-resistant bacteria. [More]

It Ain’t Over Yet: Bird Flu Aftershocks Will Keep Egg, Whole Turkey Prices High

It Ain’t Over Yet: Bird Flu Aftershocks Will Keep Egg, Whole Turkey Prices High

Though the bird flu crisis might be over now, the toll it’s taken on egg and poultry producers in the U.S. will continue for quite some time. Industry experts say egg prices will climb higher than previously predicted, and stay high through 2016. Meanwhile, frozen wholesale turkeys will also cost more this Thanksgiving than last year. [More]

One example of a frozen chicken breast package that may be included in this health alert.

2 Million More Stuffed Chicken Breasts Recalled For Possible Salmonella

Hey, remember that recall of 1.7 million frozen stuffed chicken breasts and other chicken products for potential Salmonella contamination earlier this week? Hope you’re ready to check your freezer again, chicken fans! Another company that sells similar products has recalled 1,978,680 (let’s round that up to 2 million) pounds of its prepared chicken products. That is not a total of 2 million including the last recall: this is a separate recall for similar products. [More]

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Foster Farms Investigating “Inappropriate” Behavior At Poultry Facilities Captured In Undercover Video

Poultry producer Foster Farms says it’s investigating after an animal advocacy group filmed undercover video at one of its slaughterhouses in Fresno and nearby farms owned by the company. Police are also investigating allegations of mistreatment, after receiving a complaint from the group Mercy for Animals. [More]

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Grocers: Egg Supply Is Fine Amid Bird Flu Outbreak Because Higher Prices Keep Demand Down

Although you might be seeing higher prices for a carton of eggs at the supermarket or limits on how many you can buy at once, it’s not likely you’ll be facing bare shelves at stores anytime soon, say grocers. Prices have tripled in some areas, tamping down demand as some customers aren’t willing to shell out the extra dough for a dozen eggs. [More]


Terrible People Have Stolen 25 Chickens From Nonprofit’s Coop In Series Of Heists

We’ve heard about no good, very bad and otherwise terrible people pilfering produce from nonprofit organizations in the past (tangerines, pumpkins, corn, onions), and now it appears poultry is also on the list of things thieves are willing to swipe from their rightful owners. [More]


1 Photo & 3 Quotes That Explain Why You Should Watch Tonight’s Frontline About Chicken & Salmonella

Over 1 million Americans get sick from salmonella every year. The bacteria, especially in more potent, drug-resistant forms, is responsible for the highest number of hospitalizations and deaths of all food borne illnesses; all in spite of increased anti-salmonella measures by the poultry industry. One giant chicken company was recently responsible for sickening more than 600 people in 29 states, while the federal government was virtually powerless in demanding a recall. [More]

Poultry Pros: Avian Flu Outbreak Could Impact This Year’s Thanksgiving Feasts

Poultry Pros: Avian Flu Outbreak Could Impact This Year’s Thanksgiving Feasts

It’s still more than six months away, but amid an avian flu outbreak in the U.S. that’s doing some serious damage to poultry farms, some people are already having to think long and hard about Thanksgiving. Supplies of whole turkeys might not be able to keep up as well as usual with the holiday demand. [More]


You Can Now Rent A Chicken To Get The Freshest Of Fresh Eggs

Because there are inevitably going to be those people who cannot stand to have something even one second after other people can get it, one company has started offering up chickens for rent, giving poultry hipsters a chance to get the very freshest eggs possible. [More]

McDonald's is bringing back its Chicken Select products amid increasing beef prices and a poultry war with Burger King.

McDonald’s Bringing Back Chicken Selects Amid Increased Focus On Poultry

Two months after McDonald’s announced it would cut down on menu offerings, the Golden Arches has plans to bring back its defunct Chicken Select tenders. [More]

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California Attorney General Appealing Court’s Reversal Of Foie Gras Ban

Almost a month after a U.S. District judge ordered California to reverse its ban on selling foie gras, the state is fighting back and appealing that decision in an attempt to get poultry liver back off the menu. [More]


Foie Gras Is Back On The Menu In California After Judge Blocks 2012 Ban

Californians with a hankering for duck liver will soon be reunited after more than two years, as a judge has put the kibosh on the statewide ban on foie gras, saying it was the federal government’s job to regulate poultry products, not the states’ role. [More]