Man Gets Verizon To Forgive $18K Phone Bill After Four Years

Don’t let your child run off with your cell phone. Not unless you want to risk the chance of the whippersnapper racking up $18,000 in charges and having to tangle with the service provider for the length of a presidential term in order to get it overturned. has a story about a man who went through such hell and has finally gotten his way, convincing the company to stop bugging him for the money. The man’s son, who was in his early 20s, tethered daddy’s phone to his laptop and made the data charges explode.

Which brings us to another piece of advice: Don’t tether your phone to a computer unless you’re sure you’ve got unlimited data.

Verizon forgives balance of $18,000 cellphone bill)”> []
(Thanks, David!)

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