Cat Picture Shortage Detected: Donate Now!

In this informative video, Ben demonstrates how the scientifically-calibrated instruments at Consumer Reports have determined there is a severe shortage of cat photos on Consumerist. With your support, we can work together to alleviate this crisis. (btw – we know about the Paypal problems where some people’s transactions weren’t completing and they would get bounced back to the main screen, are very sorry about them, and have disabled Paypal until we get it straightened out).

Consumerist: when we act the fool, we do it for you!

Don’t forget, Consumerist is a non-profit. You can give us money and then deduct it. Smart! (FAQ)

Update: A few people have decided to interpret this post by adding more cat pictures to our pool. That’s cool too, you cannot put a price on having a sweet collection of cat photos.

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