Instagram Is Down, People Forced To Look At Own Lunches

Time to brace ourselves, Internet: image-sharing site Instagram is down. While as of right now you can still view pictures and feeds directly, users can’t log in if they aren’t already logged in, and can’t like or comment on photos if they are logged in. Update: Instagram is working again: you’ll be able to browse your friends’ farmer’s market hauls with no problem.

If this continues, this could have a marked effect on global productivity, and might also deprive people of precious cat pictures. What if we get to the weekend, and you aren’t able to log in to see your sorority sister’s pedicure? DEAR GOD, SOMEONE THINK OF THE WEEKEND PEDICURES.

We can’t have that, so we on the Consumerist staff are donating photos to keep you occupied until the site is back.

Hope those pictures of a sandwich, fresh fruit from a CSA, a party you weren’t invited to, and a fluffy cat and dog will hold you over until the crisis subsides.

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