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The Consumerist has changed the balance of power between you and the people who want your money. Every day, we deliver the information you need to beat the system — before it beats you:

â–ª the secret phone numbers to penetrate customer service roadblocks;
â–ª strategies to avoid early termination fees and lower your credit card rates;
â–ª critical mass to force companies to change policies and improve practices.

Many of our best tips come from readers themselves. You’re our eyes, ears and smartphones on the frontlines of the consumer marketplace — texting photos of shoddy merchandise direct from the sales floor … emailing intelligence from inside corporate meeting rooms … alerting us to product bugs and retail scams the minute they’re discovered.

Tips by Consumerist readers spur 95% of the stories we write. And even more great content comes through one of the smartest, liveliest, and most constructive comments boards in cyberspace.

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Where does the money go?

* Salaries for Ben & Meg
* Freelancers
* Legal fees
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How much does it cost to run the site?

Between $190 and $300k. We’re not allowed to be specific, but Consumers Union Annual Report is a matter of public record and can be found here.

Why are you asking for money? Didn’t Consumers Union buy you? Don’t you make them money with subscriptions?

There’s funding and there’s revenue. The site is fully funded and supported under Consumers Union, a non-profit company. They also take donations. As for revenue, some of our readers go over to Consumer Reports through links and banners, and some of them end up subscribing to Consumer Reports. In addition, your generous donations further help offset costs.

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P.S. Still not convinced? Or wondering what kind of contribution makes sense for you? Think about the ways The Consumerist has saved you money:

[ ] avoided early termination fee: $200
[ ] got sales clerk to change refund policy: $75
[ ] lowered my monthly credit card interest rate: $475
[ ] persuaded airline clerk to waive baggage fee: $50

Add it up, and a contribution to The Consumerist is money in the bank, for you. And with it, we’ll keep building the most powerful and money saving consumer exchange anywhere.

“Thank you, Consumerist!”
Thanks for showing me how to send an ‘Executive Email Carpet Bomb’! I sent mine to Dell this morning and got a call from their executive care team that afternoon. They will replace the problematic machine, and I give most of the credit to you.
— Austin Britt

“An invaluable resource.”
Using your ‘Secret Email Address’ file, I was able to contact the manager of the IKEA Elizabeth (New Jersey) store and get a replacement for a faulty part that their call center refused to send me.
— James L. Lauser

“The most amazing thing happened.”
I was charged $600 in ‘no funds available’ fees from Wachovia, even though their own web site showed I had a large balance. None of their agents would help. I searched your site and got the phone number and email for the company CEO. I never expected to hear anything, but amazingly I got a voicemail from the company president’s office: ‘Thank you for your letter. We have refunded all your money, put please give us a call to follow up tomorrow.” Thank you, Consumerist, for giving me the tools to stand up for my self.”
— Ryan Lockney

“If I hadn’t mentioned Consumerist, I’d still be arguing with them.”
I ordered a DVD from Warner Video. The site said it was in stock, and I chose next day delivery for an extra $15.95. It took six days to arrive. Customer service said the policy was ‘next day after it was prepared for shipping.’ A supervisor gave me the same story. I said, ‘Fine, I’ll just send an email to The Consumerist and tell them about your deceitful practice.’ Within 30 seconds, I got an apology, a full refund, and a 15% off coupon for my next purchase. Thanks Consumerist!
— Phillip Gray

“Keep up the great work!”
I’m a school teacher and avid Consumerist reader. I recently had my credit card limit slashed, even though I never missed a payment and never went over the limit. Because of your excellent advice, I was able to send an ‘Executive Email Carpet Bomb’ to Bank of America, and got a call from a vice president’s secretary within 15 minutes. My limit was reinstated, and I have Consumerist to thank.
— Zack

“You guys saved me $60!”
Thanks for running such awesome stories all the time. I just got a collection call from a doctor who treated me in the emergency room when I was uninsured. Because of an article I read on The Consumerist, I asked if there was a discount for people without insurance. Sure enough, there was, and I got 25% off the bill. Without Consumerist I wouldn’t have even known to ask!
— Erin Crabill

“You are doing great work.”
I got a $10,000 bill from Sprint for what I learned was ‘premium texting’ by my disabled 18 year-old daughter. This whole ‘service’ is such a huge scam. But thanks to the executive customer service number you guys posted, I was able to get past the inner circle of hell that is general customer service and reach someone I could actually talk to. They offered a 50% reduction..

— Sean

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