Which Hotels Have Decent Wi-Fi?

If you want to pay out the nose for Wi-Fi, stay in a W hotel, says HotelChatter. The site has released its 6th annual report on Wi-Fi in U.S. hotels, and the W Hotel chain is named as the worst with no free lobby access and $15/day room rates. Other hotels that suck when it comes to wireless: DoubleTree, Four Seasons, Marriott, and Mandarin Oriental.

But what if you want Wi-Fi access on your trip but you don’t want to pay horrible rates?

The top three contenders are all boutique chains, unfortunately. HotelChatter says the best chain is Andaz Hotels (owned by Hyatt), but it’s only located in West Hollywood, San Diego and NYC. Other top scorers are Standard and Peninsula, which also have only a few locations nationally.

Luckily for the rest of us there’s Holiday Inn, which comes in at #5 with its free Wi-Fi in lobbies and ongoing room renovations.

Check out the report for other chains that offer free Wi-Fi but didn’t make the top 5 list for some reason.

“HotelChatter Annual WiFi Report 2010” [HotelChatter via BoingBoing]

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