Healthifying KFC's Double Down

Have you heard of this KFC Double Down situation? You know, the fried chicken, bacon, cheese and special sauce sandwich? Sound familiar at all? Well, in case you didn’t know, it’s fast food, and if you’re into that whole healthy eating thing, it might not be for you. Good thing has gone ahead and put together a couple options that are less likely to clog those arteries.

The first option they offer is basically two chicken breasts, flattened, breaded slightly and cooked through with some arugula serving as the bacon alternative. Less greasy and bacontastic, perhaps, but hey, it’s good for you?

The second recipe repeats the chicken breast preparation but with marinara sauce and — oh joy! — mozzarella cheese.

Check out the full instructions if you’re into that kind of thing. Now excuse me while I go get me some of that fried chicken and bacon goodness.

D.D. Double Down Recipe [Diabetes Daily]

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