Tips For Taking Toto On A Trip

If you’re like us, you occasionally get a yearning to escape the concrete jungle or that suburban enclave and head for less familiar surroundings. But what what about your furry friend? The Chicago Tribune takes a look at a few tips and tricks to help get Rover on the open road with you.

Think ahead: Don’t just grab that leash and head off into the wild blue yonder. Make a list of gear you’ll need to bring for your pet, and call ahead and make the right reservations. Airlines might not let you bring Princess if there are already lots of animals scheduled on a flight. For car trips, make sure to stock your vehicle with pet food, toys, plastic bags for waste, litter, meds, blankets, beds and a carrier. Write down your vet’s number.

Practice makes perfect: Fluffy or Fido might not take a liking to planes, trains or automobiles, so don’t wait until the day to find out. Put something familiar like a toy or blanket in their carrier and go for a drive close by to see how they do. If you’re flying, make sure the carrier meets airline regulations and is sturdy.

Take breaks:
Let your dog’s dogs breathe — stop along the way to let your pet stretch and get some fresh air. When you get where you’re going, include Spot on walks and hikes where pets are allowed.

It’s all about hydration:
This goes without saying, we think, but make sure your Marley or Mr. Whiskers has clean water throughout your travels. Bring a bowl and pack plenty of water.

Savor the memories: Now that you’ve got Chauncy Snookemsworth III with you, include him in the fun, don’t just leave him at the hotel to watch Scooby Doo reruns and stare out the window. Nobody likes that scenario.

Needless to say, goldfish are better left at home. Just sayin’.

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