VIDEO: Consumer Reports Brings Science To KFC Double Down Test

As we mentioned yesterday in our completely unscientific taste test of the KFC Double Down, we were really just tagging along with our smarter sibling Consumer Reports as they gathered their team to pull some major science on the bacon-and-cheese-between-two-pieces-of-fried-chicken sandwich-ish type thing.

And so the CR testers piled into the van yesterday and drove to the local KFC, where they picked up several bags of the belly busting Double Downs — and tested them right away in the back of the van, so as to sample them right off the grill (or out of the microwave, or however KFC heats them up).

Unlike Consumerist’s instant-gratification “tastes good to mah belly” test, CR’s testers aren’t there to describe whether or not they personally enjoyed the sandwich, but to evaluate the various facets of the sandwich: Is the coating crispy? Is it real white meat or reformed? How fatty is the bacon?

By answering these questions, CR gives you the over-all picture of the Double Down and lets you decide whether or not it’s something you’d want to plunk down $4.99 on.

CR plans to send off a few Double Downs to the lab for a nutritional analysis — My guess, it will come back saying, “Ingredients = 100% table salt.”

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