Horrors! KFC Sold Me A Baconless Double Down

Although the Double Down may not be the healthiest thing out there, one way to save yourself some fat, sodium and calories is to make like Greg and get stuck with a sandwich that lacks the key ingredient of bacon.

He writes:

On Monday I visited my local KFC and requested a Double Down to go. When I arrived home I found that there was NO BACON! How is this sandwich supposed to kill me with just two offset meat-buns and a generous helping of cheese-like substance?

I am a bacon enthusiast and you can trust me: none was found. Photograph enclosed.

For those who didn’t catch the sarcasm, we at Consumerist don’t wish our readers to miss out on their bacon. Even though it’s impossible to taste the delectable fried pork fat in between those two luscious slabs of fried chicken, it’s comforting and pretty much necessary to know it’s there.

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