Netflix Tells Consumerist Why They Chose iPad For First Mobile App

When we posted earlier today that Netflix had launched an app for the iPad that allowed users to watch streaming video, many readers expressed disappointment that the video delivery company had opted to go with the iPad over all other devices to make its mobile debut. So we spoke with them to find out why.

“We’ve said all along our goal is to be ubiquitous,” explained Steve Swasey, VP Corporate Communications.”We are working on ways to bring to bring Netflix to all mobile devices.”

So why the iPad first instead of the iPhone/iPod Touch?

Swasey called the iPad a “natural extension” of what Netflix is already providing to subscribers through other devices like PCs, gaming consoles, and laptops.

“Is the iPad a laptop or is a mobile device?” he asked. “The answer is ‘yes’ to both.”

As a sign of the company’s dedication to mobile devices, Swasey pointed to the announcement earlier this month that they are developing an app for Windows Phone 7.

“We can’t be everywhere at once,” he lamented, adding, “We wouldn’t invite you over for dinner and not ask you to stay for dessert.”

So now we ask you: Is streaming movies to the iPad any different than watching movies on your netbook? Or should Netflix have focused their energy on a more popular, existing device like the iPhone/iPod Touch?

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