Netflix May Edit Its Content Specifically For Mobile Users

In order to stand out in the crowded field of on-demand streaming services, media companies know the more places they can get eyeballs on their content, the more successful they’ll be. And because viewers are often on the go, Netflix says it’s considering making separate cuts of its original programming optimized for watching on mobile devices.

The Verge reports on a chat Netflix chief product officer Neil Hunt had with members of the media in San Francisco on Wednesday, where the executive says the company is planning to look into mobile-specific cuts as customers continue to watch TV and movies on mobile.

“It’s not inconceivable that you could take a master [copy] and make a different cut for mobile,” Hunt said.

Netflix hasn’t tried this idea yet, he added, but “it’s something we will explore over the next few years.”

Hunt noted that while most customers in the U.S. and Canada are more into watching content on TVs, in other markets that Netflix is now available in like India, “mobile screens are the majority consumption device.”

Why might a mobile-only version be attractive to customers? When you shrink the screen, the viewing experience can be a bit lacking. For example, The Verge points out, certain shots might be hard to see or just aren’t as visually striking as they might on a larger screen.

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