Red "Sale" Sign At Kohl's Means Item Is FOR Sale, Not ON Sale

Nice try, Kohl’s, but we see through your game. An item isn’t on sale just because you say it is. You have to actually decrease the price. Noah writes that when he found a tag emblazoned with the word SALE, he thought this meant that perhaps the item was on sale. Don’t be silly, Noah.

Just saw this today while shopping at Kohl’s here in southern California and wanted to share it with all the other Consumerist readers and maybe someone in charge at Kohl’s an example of their awesome sale prices.

I showed it to a nearby employee stocking the shelves and was told that the price on the LCD monitor was correct. When i asked then why are they not marked down lower like all the other men’s shoes she said, and I quote “technically the shoes are for sale is just that they are not on sale.”

Should we applaud the smartass sales associate, or just hope that’s not what she was told she should say to customers?

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